Family Trees

Researching your ancestry and providing you with a report of findings, photographs, documents, etc. including a family tree starts at £50 for a simple family tree of 2 generations past your grandparents.

You will receive any information I can find about your family based on the information you can provide about yourself, your parents and preferably your grandparents and I will research a further 2 generations to your great grandparents and your great-great-grandparents.

Every further 2 generations is charged at an hourly rate of £25 for additional research.
This means that if it takes me 1 hour to research the next 2 generations you pay another £25 over and above the £50, so £75 in total.  If it takes me 3 hours to research it would come to 3 x £25 = £75 for the 2 next generations plus the £50 for the initial family tree, in total £125.

I will collate my findings in a PDF document for you to keep. All data research will be conducted in the utmost respectful and confidential way. No information will be shared with third parties unless you ask me to contact specific agencies, such as National Archives to request certain data and/or evidence. Costs of information requests with agencies are charged in addition to my hourly rate.

You can also book my time in hourly blocks or just hire me for a one off 1 hour at £25. 

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