Hi! I'm Nicolette

I'm an avid intermediate amateur genealogy researcher.

My story starts in the Netherlands, where I was born. I moved to the UK in 2001 after a redundancy from my first ever full time job at a European Distribution Centre. The company I worked for wanted to move me to the UK and I was all set to go, when things didn't quite go to plan. I was made redundant instead, but not easily deterred I put my CV online - that was a new thing in those days! Haha! 
Within no time did I got a message from a headhunter who was looking for someone who spoke Dutch, German and English, had knowledge of distribution and warehousing and ideally some experience with a particular software. I got the job and moved to the UK. 

A few years later I met my husband and we now have two teenage children. 
In 2008 my mum, who was doing some research into her family history, asked me if I could look into some of our ancestors who came from England and she couldn't access the records from the Netherlands. That's where I started my journey into researching my family history and that of my husband and every day our family tree grows as I get deeper and deeper into history. We have also had the pleasure of visiting some places connected to my family's past and have met some distant relatives thanks to this brilliant resource.

I have had some friends ask me to look into their family trees and that has lead to me offering my services. 
I don't go to physical archives (yet), most of my research is desk based, but I'm sure this new adventure will take me to places in history that are exciting. 
If you want me to look into your family's history, do get in touch!



© 2020 by Nicolette Smith

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